Time Duration (minutes)

Devcamp 2020 Schedule

Day 1 – Wednesday 8 March

🚌 Bus departs Central Station, Sydney

Be at Central Station (bus pick-up point is the Central Station Forecourt) at 8:30 AM for a 9:00 AM departure.

8:30 AM

Arrive at voco Kirkton Park, Hunter Valley

Address: 336 Oakey Creek Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320

We’ll communicate more details to collect your Devcamp shirts once you arrive.

12:00 PM

🍽 Lunch – Locavore Restaurant

12:30 PM 60

📸 Group photo

Between the Urns (behind the reception building and to the right)

1:30 PM 15

👋🏻 Welcome to Devcamp!

Devcamp crew: Staples, Shen, Chris W, Rashmita, Henry, Georgie, Sam

We’re so glad you’re here. We hope you brought your towel!

1:45 PM 15

✨ Mystery keynote speaker

Since we got such a great response in 2020, put your hands together because this year we have a mystery speaker!

2:00 PM 30

🧹 Housekeeping

2:30 PM 30

🧩 Team activity

Hosted by Pinnacle Team Events

We’re kicking off Devcamp with a team activity get to know one another through working together.

3:00 PM 90

🍰 Afternoon tea

James Busby Room

4:30 PM 30

🔑 Room check-in from 4:30 PM

🍷 Tasting Experience

Rose Garden

We’re in Hunter Valley, so of course it makes sense to sample some of what the region has to offer. Non-alcoholic options are available.

6:00 PM 60

🍽 Dinner

James Busby Room

7:00 PM 150

Day 2 – Thursday 9 March

🍳 Breakfast

Locavore Restaurant

Breakfast is from 7:00 AM. Om nom nom! The fitness centre is open from 7:00 as well.

7:00 AM

Conference starts 9:25 AM in the James Busby Room

🌮 Intro

Devcamp crew

Let’s kick things off with a brief introduction to conference day.

9:25 AM 5

👨‍🦲 Get off my lawn: “insights” from the receding hairline

Matthew Wills, Tech Lead (Pricing & Packaging); Codenames Master

Hard earned lessons about how to build software and your career.

9:30 AM 30

🌳 Walk up the tree

Andrew de Mesquita, Director of Product Management

How to find opportunities that serve your customer and create business value.

10:05 AM 15

🎓 What TypeScript can teach us about product development

Alex Zissis, Engineer (Merchants); James Bustamante’s bunk buddy

TypeScript is something that I think just about every dev prefers to plain old JavaScript. And the reasons why are well documented. What can we learn from this about how we build features that our customers will love.

10:25 AM 15

🎭 M-Arts

Masoud Chaboki, Senior Software Engineer (SRE)

Reliability, availability and SRE concerns

10:45 AM 15

☕️ Morning tea break – James Busby Courtyard

11:00 AM 15

🎨 The (Lost) Art of Troubleshooting

Matthew Nicholls, Tech Lead (Platform Team); Ex Puppeteer

Things that might be better to know before you get paged at 3am to fix a production issue

11:15 AM 15

🤖 Stupendous Slackbot Serendipity

Zac Hartmann, Software Engineer (Compose/SMS); That cube nerd guy

I made a Slackbot! Let's see what sort of things it can do and get creative!

11:35 AM 15

🌏 Let’s build 3D world

Ryan Yu, Senior UI Engineer (UI Services)

We will be building a little 3D world with some mouse interactions using Three.js.

11:55 AM 30

🍽 Lunch – Locavore Restaurant

12:25 PM 65

🤓 Tales From Nerd Camp

Liam Callaway, Software Engineer (Send & Evaluate/Core/IDK I lost track); Sucker for a good key change

For almost a decade now, I've volunteered part of my holidays to teaching high-school students to code at the National Computer Science Summer School. Here's what goes down and why I keep coming back.

1:30 PM 30

🥫 Kicking the can down the road

James Bustamante, Site Reliability Engineer; Alex Zissis’s bunk buddy

“Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” While this may seem like a harmless joke, lets explore a few examples (both work and personal) where it causes more trouble in the long run.

2:05 PM 15

🤔 Are Microservices still a good idea?

Mark Green, Software Architect; metal enthusiast \m/

What is a microservice, and is it a good thing? What have we learned from doing them in prod for however many years? Did they do what we hoped they would? Is there something better? Why do I keep asking myself rhetorical questions?

2:25 PM 30

🍪 Afternoon tea break – James Busby Courtyard

2:55 PM 15

🏄🏻‍♂️ Get on board

Tommy Truong, Engineer II (Send & Evaluate/Core)

From start, to support and then to strive. An open space to discuss our (engineering) onboarding process.

3:10 PM 15

🧠 How designers mess with your brain

Alvin Goh, Principal Product Designer (Send & Evaluate)

Alvin will be covering some interesting cognitive biases and principles that designers use to affect users' decisions

3:30 PM 15

📈 Upgrading ME

Hien Dang, DBA; “If The Beer Can, So Can I”

Turning the OLD into GOLD - me inner engineering journey

3:50 PM 30

💾 11 things in 11 years of software development

Nia Wahyuni, Tech Lead (Send & Evaluate/Core)

Bite-size takeaways based on the hard truths and lessons learned along the way

4:25 PM 5

📧 Why Outlook Sucks

David van Laar Veth, Software Engineer (Send & Evaluate/Core), D&D Connoisseur

Outlook is a pain in the behind of emails everywhere. RANT TIME

4:30 PM 5

🔫 War, what is it good for?

Mark Staples, Director of Engineering; “Stark Maples”

How we can adapt military wargame exercises as a tool for learning to improve operational knowledge, responsiveness, & quality across our platform.

4:35 PM 5

🏢 Will analog cities shape marketing?

Jerome Cantin, Farthest Software Engineer (Pricing & Packaging)

The city influences the way we live and it partially went digital. Emerging ideas suggest to improve it by making it more human. Will marketing evolve with it ?

4:40 PM 5

🧱 All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall

Stuart Totman, VP of Engineering; “Disco Stu”

Tales and learning from a decade and a half working for a big 4 bank.

4:45 PM 5

🌯 Wrap up

4:50 PM 5

Conference finishes 5:00 PM

🤸 Free time

Enjoy some free time—play some board games, check out the pool, go to the fitness centre, go for a walk around the beautiful grounds of Kirkton Park.

5:00 PM 120

🍕 Dinner and Drinks


7:00 PM 120

🔥 Bonfire experience

Don’t go to bed yet—we’re staying true to Devcamp with a little bonfire experience.

9:00 PM 60

Day 3 – Friday 10 March

🍳 Breakfast

Locavore Restaurant

7:00 AM 120

🔑 Check out by 11:00 AM

💝 Giving Back activity

In conjunction with Hunter Valley Food Relief Centre

We’ll be filling boxes of food that will be distributed to families in need in the Hunter region.

11:00 AM 60

🍽 Lunch – Locavore Restaurant

12:30 PM 60

🚌 Bus departs Kirkton Park

2:00 PM

🚌 Bus arrives at Central Station

Thank you for coming to Devcamp!

5:00 PM