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Devcamp 2020 Schedule

Day 1 – Wednesday 4 March

🚌 Bus departs Central Station, Sydney

Be at Central Station (bus pick-up point) at 9:30 AM for a 10:00 AM departure. Don’t forget that some folks are driving and may be open to carpooling! P.S. You’re not the only one thinking of getting breakfast at the office beforehand…

9:30 AM

Arrive at The Mantra, Ettalong Beach

🚗 If you are driving, the address is 53-54 The Esplanade, Ettalong Beach, NSW 2257

12:00 PM

🍽 Lunch

12:30 PM 60

Sessions start 1:30 PM


Devcamp crew: Stu, Chris W, Shenny, Farnaz, Georgie

Welcome to Devcamp! We’re so glad you’re here. 😊

1:30 PM 5


Mystery speaker ✨

Can you guess who our mystery speaker might be?

1:35 PM 20

Technical Leadership Unmasked

Jalal Radwan, Tech Lead – Conversion team (CM Sydney)

Observation, learnings and many mistakes made acting in a technical leadership role

2:00 PM 20

A peek under the hood! How to build observable applications.

Pranavi Chandramohan, Site Reliability Engineer (CM Sydney)

Over the last few years at CM we have significantly uplifted logging and monitoring, is that enough?

This talk will explore best practises around logging, monitoring and the future of observability at CM.

2:25 PM 40

☕️ Afternoon tea break

3:05 PM 30

Unmonolith your mind

Adel Helal, Software Engineer – Platform (CM Sydney)

As engineers we have been conditioned to use our primal nature of pattern matching to create monoliths. Come with an open mind so we can undo that conditioning!

3:35 PM 40

From web-scale to micro-scale: learning IoT as a web developer

Chris Lewis, Software Engineer – Contacts & Segments (CM Sydney)

How hard could it be to control a light via code? As a programmer, undertaking an IoT project may sound simple, but in practice can actually be quite difficult when we’re used to working at a much higher level.

In this talk I’ll guide you through my baby steps into the world of IoT and help you find your feet without having to spend an entire day in Google first.

4:20 PM 40

Sessions finish 5:00 PM

🍽 Dinner, drinks and live music

The night will go on until 10:30 PM 🕺🏻💃🏻

6:30 PM

Day 2 – Thursday 5 March

🍳 Breakfast

Ready for a big day of talks? Going for a run or a swim beforehand? We bet you’ll be hungry! Breakfast is served especially for us at the Mantra from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

8:30 AM

Sessions start 9:30 AM

Life as an Engineering Manager - Remaining Technical in a Post Technical world

Mark Staples, Engineering Manager (CM Sydney)

A look at transitioning from Engineer to Engineering Manager and the need to maintain the right level of technical knowledge.

Our contribution to a more secure internet

Johnny Luo, Tech Lead – Platform (CM Sydney)

A story about how we secure 20K custom domains, and give them TLS certificate for FREE... How secure custom domain works at Campaign Monitor.

9:30 AM 20

We’re closer than you think! The future of CM and the monolith

Katie Bell, Tech Lead – Engineering Productivity (CM Sydney)

We’ve learned a lot over the last few years at CM, about building separate microservices, moving data outside of a monolithic SQLServer and reimagining frontend work with React and Typescript. We’ve got an awesome future before us, with better separation of data ownership, with a consistent UI, and without bottlenecked deployments and regression tests. We’ll also get everything off of Windows and into Docker. This talk is about what that future will look like and the steps we’re already taking to get us there.

The elusive concept of transactions in distributed systems

Kenley Bastari, Software Engineer – Contacts & Segments (CM Sydney)

Preserving safety guarantees in the land of microservices 🤯

9:55 AM 40

☕️ Morning tea break

10:35 AM 30

Wat (C# Edition)

Matthew Wills, Tech Lead – LTV (CM Sydney)

This talk hopes to capitalise on the good name of Gary Bernhardt’s famous Wat talk (available at, but in the context of C# rather than other inferior languages. Let’s be honest - it’s early. You want amusement rather than “learning”. You don’t want to be stressed prior to lunch. Come along and enjoy the laughs and hopefully some images of Amogh.

Considerations for scalable React component API

Georgie Cooke, UI Engineer – UI Services (CM Sydney)

At Campaign Monitor, the UI Services team has spent the past two years working on CMDS – a design system that now has wide adoption across the CM product. Designing component API has involved finding a balance between flexibility and over-engineering, and maintaining some rather complex components where problems surfaced only later down the track.

This talk will explore the best practices UI Services has learned over time, and how an iterative approach is at the core of how we work.

11:05 AM 20

Welcome to the Matrix, now get out! ... And stay out!

Ricky Neil, Security Engineer (CM Sydney)

Being agent Smith, automated anti spam and active account hardening.

lift and shift

Manpreet Singh, Software Engineer – Contacts & Segments (CM Sydney)

Freeing subscriber data by strangling the monolith

11:30 AM 40

🍽 Lunch

12:10 PM 80

How technology can shape brain activity

Shenny Mackie, Engineering Manager – DnA (CM Sydney)

And why looking up from our phones and connecting with others or even daydreaming, is better for the brain.

1:30 PM 20


Chris Hallowes, Software Engineer – Content (CM Sydney)

C# in the browser! Taking advantage of WebAssembly to write client side code in C# (and other languages). Create ultra fast Client apps that encourage code reuse between server and client. What are the advantages and disadvantages and what use might it have at Campaign Monitor?

/(Regex[p]? all the things - Yeah nah!)/

Nia Wahyuni, Tech Lead – Content (CM Sydney)

The good and the horror, the laziness and the greediness of Regex(p). How does it work, what to look for and how to optimize it.

1:55 PM 20

☕️ Afternoon tea break

2:15 PM 30

Bigger and better - Airplane City II

Henry Soesanto, Software Engineer – DnA (CM Sydney)

Following up learning on previous ‘Airplane City’, let's see what else we can learn from Flying High. This session is facilitated by Francis Lobo, Tim Liu, Alex Zissis, and Joseph Hanna.

Giving Back: Team Challenge – production of animal beds to transport wildlife injured during the recent bushfires

Shenny Mackie, Engineering Manager – DnA (CM Sydney)

🔸 Due to limited equipment, this session has a minimum requirement of 10 people, and a maximum limit of 20 people. First come, first serve!

2:45 PM 60

Sessions finish 3:45 PM

🍽 Dinner

Just a 650-metre walk up the road, La Fiamma is our dinner destination for day two! 🍕

6:30 PM

🎥 Movie night

We’ll end the night watching The Professor and the Madman at Cinema Paradiso. 🍿 Check out the trailer in the meantime.

8:30 PM

Day 3 – Friday 6 March

🍳 Breakfast and checkout time

Pack your bags and feel free to check out at any time before 10:00 AM. Make sure you coordinate with your roommate!

8:30 AM

Sessions start 9:30 AM

You need to set some boundaries

Mark Green, Software Architect (CM Sydney)

First came Service Oriented Architecture, then Microservices, then Function as a service. What will the pattern of the future look like, and how will it be defined? I’m fairly certain it will be defined in terms of some of the many types of boundaries we routinely set when designing software and the trade-offs and interactions inherent in them. In this talk, I’ll cover some of those and how (with care), you can to some extent build-your-own-pattern.

Angular &
React &
Vue &

Sam Crome, Software Engineer – Content (CM Sydney)

An overview and comparison between some of the top JavaScript frameworks of 2019

9:30 AM 60

Lost in translation: rebuilding the design process

Chris Wright, Tech Lead – UI Services (CM Sydney)

Healthy collaboration is key to building high quality UI, we need to be able to test and prototype ideas and provide valuable design feedback.

In this talk, we’ll cover how you are are an integral part of that process and how we can together build a better cross-functional workflow when delivering product.

Unsolicited Advice From a Grumpy Old Man

Matt Nicholls, Tech Lead – Contacts & Segments (CM Sydney)

Come and listen to the ramblings of CM’s foremost geriatric, as he ponders a few of life's lessons.

At the very least you’ll get a chance to heckle

10:35 AM 20

☕ Morning tea break

10:55 AM 30

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Security Edition

Agathe Savard, Global Security Manager (CM Sydney)

A gamified Blue team vs Red team security debate - audience participation and collaboration will be a must in order to crush the attacks from the Security team (aka: The Reds). There will be prizes!!!!

Chaos Engineering for Modern Applications on AWS

Chris Modica, Enterprise Solution Architect – SaaS, B2B and ISV (AWS)

You may have heard of the buzzwords “chaos engineering” and “containers.” But what do they have to do with each other? In this session, we introduce chaos engineering and share how to practice chaos engineering principles on AWS. We walk through chaos engineering practices, tools, and success metrics you can use to inject failures in order to make your systems more reliable.

11:25 AM 60

Sessions finish 12:25 PM

🍽 Lunch

12:25 PM

🚌 Bus departs The Mantra

Don’t get left behind. We will leave at 2:00 sharp.

2:00 PM

🚌 Bus arrives at Central Station

Thank you for coming to Devcamp!

4:00 PM